Not all soft skills produce such solid results.

PRISMS hasn’t been the largest-selling non-technical insurance training for over 35 years just because 95% of participants consistently rate it “superior to other training.” It’s because PRISMS produces results. A few examples:
Premium increase in a large carrier's Hong Kong, Singapore and New Guinea region within 90 days of PRISMS training.
More policy count and premium income from PRISMS trained reps vs. other sales programs in a split test of 600 agents.
Savings calculated in HR, hiring and training costs at a major carrier, based on the results of PRISMS trained marketing reps.
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Be a More Persuasive Insurance Negotiator

The better we understand why certain strategies work, the better able we are to use them to our greatest advantage. We analyzed the top negotiation strategies against new findings in the neuroscience of influence and persuasion and found remarkable new insights on why they work. Download the report now to discover how to make them work for you.


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Solve the persuasion equation.

The 7 Triggers methodology is now part of PRISMS.

Thanks to neuroscience, we now know that the emotional center of the brain controls decisions. But most business people continue to rely on logic and reason to influence and persuade. The remedy? Design persuasive communications using brain-based guidelines.

The 7 Triggers are driving results for hundreds of companies including Bayer, Amgen, Lucent, and Morgan Stanley as a persuasion framework for everything from basic brand messages to the most nuanced negotiations.