Productive Results from Insurance Sales and Marketing Systems

When dad founded Insurance Learning Systems over 35 years ago, music was still on vinyl, and the first training videos we produced were done on huge machines in big, expensive studios. Oh, how times change.

Many factors have combined to make this an auspicious time to embrace the promise of multi-channel learning and performance support. Our turn-key workshop materials continue to drive performance improvement at companies worldwide, and our commitment to interactive online programming offers essential flexibility and reinforcement opportunities.

Russell P. Granger, Rising Tide Partners President & CEO

A Brief History

Although he had no obligation as a condition of his college scholarship from Kemper Insurance, Russ Granger’s personal sense of honor compelled him to accept a job offer from the famous 20th century insurance innovator following his graduation. He was a natural salesman and rose quickly in the ranks. Within just a few years he was collecting promotions, industry awards, national recognition, and was being groomed for the C-Suite.

But Russ had the heart of an entrepreneur. As an antidote, he pursued a crazy quilt of side businesses – from artificial plants to real orchids, skiing accessories to auto tune-up shops. Lightning struck when he combined his entrepreneurial bent with his insurance industry knowledge and his savant-like abilities in sales.

The PRISMS program series took the P&C industry by storm with their unique combination of communication and personal productivity skills, amplified with practical tools for escalating on-the-job performance. The largest-selling non-technical skills courses in the industry for decades, PRISMS training remains in wide use across the industry today.