The 360° Adjuster

More Professional Negotiations Lower Claims Expenses  Higher Customer Satisfaction  Elevated Company Brand

Higher Customer Satisfaction + Lower Costs

That’s a claims equation that adds up. But is it really possible? Is it possible to negotiate more effectively and improve the customer experience at the same time? Just ask the hundreds of carriers and thousands of claim handlers who have lowered expenses, improved efficiency, and elevated the company brand with PRISMS.

Proven fundamentals plus new science-based methodologies delivered via multimedia formats featuring extensive tasks, activities, and modeling scenarios, the 360° Adjuster is claims negotiation courseware for a new generation of challenges and channels. Designed to cultivate sharp professionals with strong skills.

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Learning Objectives by Module

PRISMS program participants learn by doing. As part of course work, learners select an actual settlement situation as the focus of their workshop activities. New insights, skills, and tools are ready to be deployed immediately.


  • Focus on the the small changes that will
    produce big results
  • Identify your own strengths and challenges
  • Describe the aspects of claim handling
    dependent on skilled communication
  • Describe the value of an “everybody sells” organizational ethos


  • Establish and maintain rapport as a foundation of comfort & trust
  • Use the principles of empathy to better connect, align, and persuade
  • Profile personality types to determine communication style and persuasion criteria
  • Conduct denials with professionalism


  • Use communication that effectively engages the emotional brain
  • Encourage claimants toward settlement decisions in each and every interaction
  • Conduct more collaborative negotiations
  • Guide decisions instead of combating resistance


  • Use questioning techniques to investigate wants, needs, and satisfaction criteria
  • Employ active listening to uncover meaning
  • Align message intent and purpose with communication formats and channels
  • Use effective communication skills to enhance and improve negotiations


  • Perform critical pre-negotiation planning using the 3-tiered goal analysis
  • Plan effective bargaining & concessions
  • Use each of 5 strategic principles for productive negotiations
  • Identify and use a range of specific negotiation strategies & tactics


  • Employ the best approaches for opening, conducting, and ending a negotiation
  • Dealing with attorneys: The power and bargaining equation
  • Overcome objections and problems with questioning skills
  • Finalize agreements to insure durability

Insuring Skills Transfer:

The Action Plan

The 360° Adjuster Action Plan makes it as easy as possible for claims handlers to apply on the job what they’ve learned in the course.

Information produced during coursework is transferred and combined with summary content as learners complete the program. Adjusters are prompted to identify a current settlement situation they actually have, around which to build persuasive partnering and negotiation strategies. Participants graduate the course with a complete plan for an actual account, as well as a comprehensive template and tool kit they can use again and again.

Negotiation Flowchart • Persuasion Pyramid • Persuasion Trigger Worksheets • Strategies & Tactics Checklist • 3-Tiered Goal Analysis Worksheet • Personality Style Guide • The Needs Profile • Benefit Development Flowchart • Objection Doctor

Pages of the Action Plan displayed at right are but a few sample selections.


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