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Persuasion: May “The Force” Be With You

With the record-breaking success of the new Stars Wars movie, Episode VII – The Force Awakens, a whole new generation of fans will be introduced to “The Force.” In her article, Avoid the Persuasion Dark Side in Your Next Presentation, Michelle Mazur advises asking yourself two questions:

  1. Does my offer benefit and provide value to my audience?
  2. Is this persuasive technique natural? Unnatural techniques can be deceptive, unethical, and ruin reputations.

No one likes to feel icky about their tactics or intentions:

I know the force is neutral. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s how you use The Force that makes it dark or light. Persuasion is exactly like The Force. It’s neutral. It’s how you use the persuasive techniques that make it good (ethical) or bad (manipulative).

Now go, young Jedi masters, and read Mazur’s article.

And for a neuroscience-based persuasion formula that’s built on the basis of shared solutions – not force – check out The 7 Triggers to Yes.