Formats & Delivery

Onboard PRISMS in the way that works best for you!

 Workshop Materials

High Performance Out of the Box
  • On-site delivery by your own people
  • Slide deck & video assist media
  • Mobile support & coaching guidelines
  • Volume discount schedule available


Claims Workshop PMOur step-by-step, minute-by-minute Leader’s Guide format can turn anyone into a workshop facilitator pro. Each licensee receives a complete Participant Workbook, as well as access to support downloads. If you prefer, certified PRISMS trainers are also available.

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Developer Content

Make Our Programming Yours
  • Start with the industry’s best content
  • Customize, deconstruct, integrate
  • Developer access to source files
  • Pricing based on group size & term


Why reinvent the wheel? Over 35 years of refining the P&C industry’s most popular people-skills training offers course developers an unparalleled archive of intellectual property. Select and customize content and instructional best practices to produce your own ideal courses.

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 Media & Tools

Anytime, Anywhere Web Access 
  • State-of-the-art, highly interactive
  • Our cloud LMS or your enterprise LMS
  • Course-prompted personal Action Plan
  • Volume discount schedule available


On-demand, all-device courseware featuring multimedia content, tasks, activities, quizzes, games, and modeling scenarios. May be combined with workshop elements for a blended learning experience. Full year course access plus interactive Action Plan / Tool Kit.

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Information Design

Retention and application suffer if learning is a chore. PRISMS videos, slide decks, and participant workbooks are designed to keep learning lively, engaging, and highly interactive. Workshop leader’s guides are designed for stumble-proof implementation: step-by-step, moment-by-moment instructions enable anyone to be a facilitator pro.

Animation keeps things moving, but also provides for a highly economical way to customize. Here are two clips from the The 360° Adjuster.