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Negotiating and Partnering for Premium

It’s been a longstanding industry conundrum that underwriters are hired and trained for technical competency, and then profiled as underleveraged assets for agency business development. That’s why getting underwriters to value – and invest in – their potential is half the battle when it comes to training in communication, negotiation, and selling.

Unlike conventional courses, PRISMS directly addresses the duality underwriters embody as technicians and relationship managers. But it also places many so-called “soft skills” in the context of neuroscience, giving engineering types greater license to take seriously skills and techniques once exclusively associated with non-technical job roles.

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Learning Objectives by Module

First developed in partnership with major carriers including Prudential, AEtna, Liberty Mutual, and State Auto, regular updates to content and instructional design are based on feedback, industry and technology evolution, and neuroscience.


  • Use the values of empathy and emotional intelligence to strengthen relations
  • Use the power of the emotional brain to influence & persuade
  • Leverage the power of questioning for much more than just data gathering
  • Construct & conduct a Needs Profile


  • Employ listening best practices
  • Identify and evaluate producer personality types
  • Communicate effectively with different personality types
  • Develop and communicate benefits in addition to facts and figures


  • Recognize and use the factors which create and sustain positive rapport
  • Emphasize producer priorities in solutions
  • See the hidden value in objections; use the PRISMS 4-step objection-handling process
  • Develop a variety of closes to accomplish agreement objectives


  • Identify various types of phone calls they make
  • Identify specific call objectives
  • Plan and prepare for each call
  • Make their phone time more efficient and productive
  • Use skills specifically designed to overcome limits of phone and electronic communication


  • Describe 3 styles of negotiation + pros / cons
  • Use essential negotiation planning to leverage efficiency and success
  • Differentiate between strategies & tactics
  • Apply strategies & tactics in actual negotiations
  • Counter strategies & tactics used by others


  • Employ the best approaches for opening, conducting, and ending a negotiation
  • Apply power to bargaining status
  • Overcome objections and problems with questioning skills
  • Use flexibility to overcome common challenges
  • Finalize agreements to insure durability

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