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Five important lessons to learn from Millennials

Denise Broady, Chief Marketing Officer at WorkForce Software, shares five important lessons she has learned from working with the millennial generation in her article, “The Power of Reverse Mentorship: 5 Lessons to Learn from Millennials.”

  • They are social media gurus: Millennials are “the most connected generation in human history,” have valuable networking skills, and an in-depth understanding of platforms and the way they work;
  • Social media is not just for oversharing: They understand (for the most part) what to keep private and what to post to boost your professional image;
  • Trust them to give a fresh new perspective: Millennials have a knack for asking the right questions and helping to develop ways to make content more memorable;
  • Being formal is overrated: A casual work style does not equate to low-productivity, and can be refreshing;
  • Stay true to your passion: Millennials have the “ability to love what they do. They always manage to integrate their passion into their everyday life,” and they just may inspire you to do the same.

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