The Secrets of Influence

Do You Get Enough YES?

P&C pros who sell and negotiate tend to rely on logical factors like actuarial data and policy features.  That can undermine success.

Recent neuroscience has proven how dominant the emotional brain is for human decision-making. But what can we do with this knowledge? How can we better connect with our customers’ emotional brain to improve our ability to close sales and produce durable agreements?

The 7 Triggers to Yes, authored by Insurance Learning Systems founder Russ Granger,  is now considered a foundational volume in a growing canon of persuasion methodology discovered by scientists, reported on by academics, and developed into business tools by top consultants and trainers.  The 7 Triggers formula is now being used at companies like Liberty Mutual, Bayer, Amgen, AbbVie, and Morgan Stanley to design more persuasive customer communication in marketing, sales, and service.

Become a Key Influencer

Simple and practical: Now anyone can use neuroscience discoveries to succeed with colleagues and customers.

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