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Property & Casualty Insurance Training – Influence & Persuasion

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Do You Get Enough YES?

P&C pros who sell and negotiate tend to rely on logical factors like actuarial data and policy features.  That can undermine success.

Neuroscience shows the dominance of the emotional brain for human decision-making. So, how can we use this knowledge to more successfully forge agreements, close sales, and produce durable contracts?

The 7 Triggers to Yes, by Insurance Learning Systems founder Russ Granger,  is now considered a foundational volume in a growing canon of persuasion research and development, and it’s helping companies like Liberty Mutual, Bayer, Amgen, AbbVie, and Morgan Stanley produce greater marketing, sales, and service success.

Become a Key Influencer

Simple and practical: Now anyone can use neuroscience discoveries to succeed with colleagues and customers.