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Marketing to Agencies – Insurance Sales Training

Turn-Key Programming for a 2-Day Workshop
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Win More Profitable Premium Volume Influence Buying Decisions  Improve Closing Ratios Negotiate with Confidence

B2B Selling, Negotiating, and Persuasive Communication using P&C Insurance Models

The consultative sales method is essential for B2B success, but it’s no longer competitive. Everyone uses it. And though consultative selling properly focuses on customer needs, it doesn’t help influence buying decisions. By combining consultative best practices with influencing methods based on neuroscience, Marketing to Agencies empowers marketing reps to confidently partner with agents for the best business.

If your success depends on producers, then it depends on everyone in the producer orbit to aid the selling effort. As Philip Kotler put it, “the sales department isn’t the whole company, but the whole company had better be the sales department.” Unlike generic sales training, Marketing to Agencies uses insurance-specific case studies and examples to make marketing rep skills transfer easier, faster, and more reliable.

Designed Exclusively for Property & Casualty Professionals  •  #1 Rated for Over 35 Years

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This is an example of the insurance training workbooks and online insurance courses.Images of the components of the marketing workshops for persuasive selling, including the neuroscience behind successfully selling insurance.
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  • Comprehensive LEADER’S GUIDE with step-by-step instructions
  • Complete PARTICIPANT MANUAL with Action Plan
  • Multimedia SLIDE DECK with info-graphics and video links

Learning Objectives by Module

PRISMS program participants learn by doing. As part of a concise pre-work assignment, they select an actual, real-world account as the focus of their workshop activities. New insights, skills, and tools are ready to be deployed immediately.


  • Build a trust foundation by establishing rapport & maintaining a comfort zone
  • Profile personality types to determine communication style and persuasion criteria
  • Use communication that effectively engages the emotional brain
  • Influence producers toward engagement


  • Profile producers to i.d. high-value targets
  • Set aggressive yet achievable appointment goals based on volume commitments
  • Use a variety of marketing resources to pinpoint profiled agents
  • Use a 4-factor pre-qualifying inquiry + account gradation to prioritize efforts


  • Choose communication channels based on influence criteria rather than convenience
  • Use active listening to uncover hidden issues
  • Amplify questioning to achieve far more than just data gathering
  • Design the most persuasive possible messages using the 7 Triggers formula


  • Develop persuasive benefit statements based on producer profiling
  • Identify and prepare the messaging elements of a persuasive presentation
  • Construct questions and messages using the 7 Triggers persuasion formula
  • Influence producers toward agreement


  • Classify objections by type
  • Determine which objections are productive to answer and which are not
  • Form appropriate responses to objections using a 4-step procedure
  • Demonstrate the correct use of positive objection handling


  • Organize goals into priority tiers to maintain flexibility
  • Apply a variety of strategies and tactics to sales & marketing agreements
  • Recognize buying signals
  • Use a variety of closes for key products and services

Insuring Skills Transfer:

The Action Plan

The MTA Action Plan makes it as easy as possible for reps to apply what they’ve learned in the course each and every day on the job.

Information produced during coursework is transferred and combined with summary content as learners complete the program. Reps are prompted to identify a Current Marketing Opportunity (CMO) they actually have, around which to build persuasive partnering strategies and tactics. Reps graduate the course with a complete plan for an actual account, as well as a comprehensive template and tool kit they can use again and again.

Selling Flowchart • Persuasion Pyramid • Trigger Worksheets • Ideal Agent Profile • Agency Appointment Worksheet • 4-Step Meeting Prep • Personality Style Guide • The Needs Profile • Presentation Planner • Negotiation Platforms • Objection Doctor

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