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Advocating Your Agency: 3 Tips from the World of Sales

You don’t have to be good at sales to be good at sales, according to Heather Ripley’s article from Entrepreneur. Anyone who is passionate about and invested in a product or service becomes a natural advocate. But unless you are the owner/founder/wizard behind the curtain, generating that kind of drive and intensity often does not come easily, if at all.

So, what do you need to be good at? First, “listening is an often overlooked sales tool,” Ripley says. Hone your listening skills so the potential client/customer feels truly heard, and you’re on your way to accomplishing step two: solve a problem. If you can listen carefully enough to not only discern a client’s problem, but also develop a solution, you’ll be a hero.

Lastly, Ripley suggests meeting or exceeding client expectations, citing the Ritz Carlton as a stellar example: “Each employee is a brand ambassador and an integral part of the company’s sales team…so much so that selling the brand is a natural extension of its service.”

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