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Flex Your Influence, Not Your Authority

In a 2014 survey of 16,637 Millennials, almost half of the respondents from North America reported wanting a manager who “empowers their employees;” rather than micromanage, Millennials want employers who “give them the freedom to do their jobs and trust they will deliver.”

How do “old school” techniques of authority transmute into the “new school” of influence that the largest demographic of burgeoning workers are looking for? Contributor Andre Lavoie suggests three tips to get and keep employees invested:

Employee Communication

The key focus of the influence approach is building relationships based on trust, recognition, inclusion and feedback. Managers need to interact with employees, making time every day to share personal stories, thanking employees, asking them about their lives and eliciting feedback.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a way to engage employees with milestones that are accessible and motivational. Craft goals around employee feedback to help them feel like they’re contributing.

Performance Reviews

Focus on providing constructive feedback on employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Ask about their expectations for the coming year and how they see their careers progressing. Then share the organization’s expectations and discuss how to meet those expectations together.

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