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New PRISMS Video Channel

Ever since the inception of PRISMS Learning over 25 years ago, video has played a major role in the amplification of skill building content. Even today, instructors familiar with the old PRISMS programs cite the video support as some of the most effective components of the material. The instructional designers we’ve engaged to help with course updates were equally complimentary. “Behavior modeling,” they reported, is extremely useful in portraying how interpersonal skills and techniques are actually used on-the-job.

For PRISMS Millennial Editions, we’re super excited to have selected modern animation as the visual style for new video programming. Although we’ve had some pretty remarkable success with “non-human” approaches to video programming before – a muppet-style version of The Personal Side of Selling won several national awards back in the day, including the Corporate Division of the Chicago Film Festival – the choice feels especially appropriate in a time when animation has become decidedly adult. The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, and hundreds of other broadcast and Web properties have forever relegated to the dust bin of history any notion that cartoons are only for kids.

But there’s more that’s advantageous about an animated approach to skill-building video than just visual appeal or cultural fashion. The somewhat ironic fact is that live-action video, no matter how professionally done, requires more of a suspension of disbelief than something obviously not intended to reflect actual reality. It’s the reason why our Muppets video won so many awards and was so popular in the field: No one was inclined to squirm or roll their eyes at actors trying to be businesspeople and probably not-quite cutting it. Instead, they got to watch obviously symbolic representations of human interactions, in all their awkwardness and foible-filled folly. When a particular style of programming is easier to absorb and more entertaining, acceptance and retention are far more likely.

Following is a brief overview of PRISMS programming, which employs the new animated style. There’s lots more to come, so click over to the new PRISMS YouTube Channel and subscribe to be notified of new videos.