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Claims iWorkbook – Partnering

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Upon completion learners will be able to…

  • Quickly establish positive relationships with claimants
  • See a claim through the claimant’s eyes and effectively communicate empathy to build trust
  • Recognize and deal effectively with different personality types
  • Use needs profiling in order to be a consultative adjuster
  • Use partnering to drive closure through common goals
  • Effectively handle denials

iWorkbook: Partnering


  • The New Neighbor
  • Overview and Objectives

Part 1: Through the Claimant’s Eyes

  • Comfort Zones
  • First Impressions
  • The Four Personality Styles
  • Dealing with Personality Styles
  • What’s Your Personality Style?

Part 2: What the Claimant Needs

  • Ends, Means and Criteria
  • Uncovering Needs
  • Developing Needs Profile
  • Needs: The Emotional Side
  • Fulfilling Emotional Needs

Part 3: Meeting Needs, Settling Claims

  • Providing Information
  • What to Give
  • Denials
  • Perceptions


  • Partnering in Good Faith
  • Key Point Summary
  • Definition of Terms
  • Final Exam


This course focuses on human relations skills. Adjusters are introduced to the principles of needs-profiling and empathy, and how skill building in these areas can make their job easier and more successful. To interact well with the broad spectrum of people they encounter, adjusters are exposed to a range of predictable personality types, as well as persuasion techniques to deal with each one. Adjusters also learn what information they must give—and obtain—to help the claim process proceed smoothly. Methods of establishing trust and positive rapport are provided, as well as techniques for presenting the benefits of direct settlement and the reality of denials.

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