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Underwriters iWorkbook – Productivity

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Upon completion learners will be able to…

  • Get more accomplished in less time by working smarter, not harder
  • Increase productivity by analyzing current use of time
  • Schedule mission-critical and important activities at optimal times for best results
  • Confront the reality of procrastination and develop ways to overcome it
  • Set goals and allocate time to priority tasks for goal achievement
  • Grade producer accounts and leverage time accordingly
  • Use the “up-front close” to determine producer interest and transaction likelihood


  • Overview and Objectives

Part 1: Analyzing Time

  • Time-Management Quiz
  • Quiz Scoring
  • Time-Analysis Worksheet

Part 2: Working Smarter, Not Harder

  • Prime Time
  • Peak Productivity Periods
  • Making the Most of your Energy!
  • What’s Urgent? What’s Important? What’s the Difference?
  • The Biggest Barrier – Procrastination!
  • Don’t Eat the Whole Elephant
  • Achieving Success Through Goals
  • Setting Personal Goals
  • Creating Action-Oriented Goals
  • Business Planning and Goal Setting

Part 3: Underwriting Productivity Tools

  • Producer Gradation
  • Producer Gradation Classifications
  • Producer Evaluation Factors
  • Data Worksheet: Producer Evaluation Factors
  • The Producer Scorecard
  • Producer Scorecard
  • Leveraging Time and Resources
  • Determining Priorities
  • Daily To-Do List
  • Up-Front Close
  • “If…Then?”
  • Constructing the Up-Front Close


  • Key Point Summary
  • Definition of Terms
  • The Final Exam


When underwriters determine which producers deserve the bulk of their time, they leverage their efforts and become more productive and valuable to the company. Effective time management combined with a clear focus on goals gives underwriters the personal achievement skills they need to meet team objectives. This course focuses on setting goals, establishing priorities, and using time effectively. Underwriters evaluate their current use of time, and identify barriers to productivity. They learn to prioritize, allocate resources, and classify producers to better manage their workload.

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